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About Us

Sweepstopia is in its 5th year of business. Our e-commerce company is in its 20th year.

We created Sweepstopia when we saw two needs in the industry.

  • We saw a need for a knowledge-based B2B service for store owners and resellers
  • We saw a need for a company that would design and develop innovative games and features to entertain your customer.


Sweepstopia Labs

Sweepstopia Labs is our design and development studio at Sweepstopia. Over the past few years we’ve built a strong foundation for the years ahead. We’ve developed innovative games that break the traditional 20 and 25 multi-line game molds that you see everywhere else. We’ve created games with memorable video and bonus intros. We’ve also developed the industry’s only achievement badge system. At Sweepstopia, innovation is not just a buzzword. It’s a passion. It’s fun to design and create games that no one has ever created before. The players love them too. Isn’t it great when what you love to do makes your customer’s business better too?


We have knowledge to share with you

Our company is heavily staffed with knowledge workers; employees that have strong backgrounds in mathematics, statistics, business and finance. This gives us a unique ability to analyze and understand your business and its needs. We value “business intelligence” and “data analytics” and their ability to help us understand what makes one store different than another.

Of course knowledge is never a one-way street. We want to learn from our stores too. Many of our store owners provide us with ideas for new products or ways to understand old ones. They can call us at any time and speak to one of our knowledgeable staff members or if they prefer they can send us ideas through our customer feedback area. Listen first, talk second; or as Mark Twain put it “if we were meant to talk more than listen, we would have more mouths and one ear.”



“Why spend 1000’s on servers, POS and imaging on Sweepstakes Software? I have tried many different software companies. Sweepstopia is the fastest, easiest least expensive way to get your game room up and running. With a NET hold of around 48.2% why settle for less?” – M. in Arizona

“I found myself sitting in one evening thinking what a break I caught when I discovered Sweepstopia Software. From that moment on I was headed to making some big bucks. I love their software, the games are great and the tech support (Mike) is on the ball. In the past, before I spoke to Sweepstopia I talked to several other sweepstakes companies and it seemed to me that all they wanted was my money to set my business up. They didn’t care if I was a success or not. Thank you Sweepstopia, thanks a lot.”

-B. in California

“Sweepstopia has changed the way that we do business. We appreciate that there are no surprises in billing at the end of each month! The website it easy to navigate and understand for both management and employees. And the Sweepstopia staff have been quick to answer any of our questions! We’ve seen an increase in revenues and our customer base is growing:) ”

-D in North Carolina


We Believe

  • Our store owners and resellers are our partners. We can only succeed if you succeed.
  • Innovation differentiates us from our competitors. Sweepstopia Labs has big plans for the coming year ahead. We feel like we’re just getting started. The ideas we have planned for the future are exciting and original.
  • Correct use of a strong knowledge base leads to a knowledge advantage. Market-knowledge, customer-knowledge, and employee-knowledge are just 3 sources of knowledge that become part of our knowledge base. Those sources combined with our own research and analysis become our knowledge base.
  • Listening to our customers is more than just polite. We believe that Innovation driven by store and player needs has the most value. Listening is essential if we want to understand what your needs are.
  • Affordable set-ups prices should be the norm for the industry. We’ve seen high start-up costs with no advantage whatsoever to the store owner. We believe in helping our stores minimize their start-up costs and increasing the chances of them being a successful store.
  • Great customer service drives the entire company. Innovation and knowledge both require our employees that are on the front-lines to be responsive to the needs of our customers. Great communication with our store owners and resellers is an essential part of us succeeding in meeting our goals.


Contact Information

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E-mail: [email protected]